About GBI

GBI was established in December 2008 to address a market opportunity. The opportunity was to deploy and manage a subsea cable system that connects the Gulf countries together and provides onward connectivity to the rest of the world. The opportunity arose from a number of factors, including the lack of diversity and resilience as witnessed by the cable outages at the start of 2008.

At the same time, it became apparent that the region was capacity hungry. Between 2005 and 2009 the Middle East was the fastest growing region globally in terms of demand for bandwidth and capacity usage. That demand is forecast to double every year over the course of the next decade. Demand is being driven by many factors. A major factor has been the opening up of the regional telecom markets to competition which has stimulated an unprecedented increase in the use of mobile and broadband internet services. In addition, the initiatives by governments around the Gulf to lessen their dependence on carbon based industries and diversify their investments to include other sectors, have increased the demand for superior levels of international connectivity from sectors such as Finance and Media.

Since we identified the opportunity, our project has been validated by the continuing growth in the market and by telecom operators who say they are looking for a new business model; and the infrastructure to enable them to provide new applications and services. We have launched in the right market at the right time. Indeed we have increased the scope of our project as we have extended the reach of our network to all the major European centres.

What sets GBI apart is our innovative approach to the building of the sub-sea cable system:


  • GBI is operator neutral, which means that we seek to serve all customers equally

  • Through our landing partners in the region GBI has access to the most sophisticated and reliable terrestrial in-country networks

  • The GBI network offers the most comprehensive connectivity in the region and onwards to Europe, Africa and Asia

  • GBI is the only operator to provide diverse routing from Europe to all the countries of the Gulf and the lowest latency route between Europe and India

  • The network design utilizes the latest technology (40G and 100G) and offers greater resilience, security and choice to our customers

  • In 2012 GBI was awarded the Capacity Magazine Best Niche/New Player and the CommsMEA Best Telecoms Technology Investment 2012


For these reasons and more, GBI is changing the landscape for international connectivity in the Gulf region.