Corporate Social Responsibility
As a company, GBI is developing and implementing clear strategies, objectives and targets that reflect our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).  GBI’s core business is to install and operate a subsea cable in the Gulf Region which will facilitate social and economic growth across the Gulf Region. Our vision has a very clearly articulated social imperative.

As a young company, GBI has a unique opportunity to embed good CSR into our DNA.  GBI can be at the forefront of the driving triple bottom line approach(Shareholder Value, Social Added Value and Environment Restoration) in the Middle East. GBI will build bridges through our employees with the community and environment.

GBI’s approach to CSR will is primarily developed and aligned to the nature of our business (ICT) and the people, communities, society and environment of the countries in which we operate.
We are making good progress by putting in place many of the policies and practices that enable and are aligned to an organization which is committed to meaningful Corporate Social Responsibility.
We are just at the start of our journey as a company and as we grow, we can and will have a positive impact on the people, communities and environment in which we operate.

Over the next year we will develop and extend our commitment via a number of innovative activities.