GBI and Carriers
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GBI’s network provides operators with several benefits

The most immediate benefit GBI delivers is increased bandwidth, seamless connectivity and more choice between the Gulf, Europe and Asia. GBI address the significant forecasted increase in telecommunications traffic generated in and around the Gulf. GBI’s investment ensures that there is enough capacity for your business and consumer customers alike as they increase their dependency on real time communications. Aligned with this increase in capacity is our ability to offer greater levels of resilience to telecom operators. The core ring of the GBI network is designed to be self healing, which means that traffic can be re-routed automatically to minimize any network outages.

GBI’s investment outside the region is establishing one of the most advanced and extensive carrier neutral networks in the world. GBI offers operators outside the Gulf Region a single interface to all the countries of the  Gulf. By investing in the latest technology and people, GBI gives superior service levels that have never been seen in the region before.