GBI and the Gulf Region
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"Countries that succeed in harnessing the potential of information and telecommunications technology, can look forward to leapfrogging conventional obstacles of infrastructure development. Everyone should be able to enjoy access to information and communications networks.” (as signed in a Charter by the G8 in 2000). GBI’s cable system plays an integral part in raising the quality of the communications infrastructure around Gulf region and thereby facilitate social and economic growth. GBI’s network is one half of a very powerful partnership. We provide connectivity and when this is linked to IT, it changes the way people, enterprises and societies operate. This combination has been one of the main driving forces of globalization and enables companies to create a collaborative environment. GBI’s infrastructure plays a key role in driving this change and improved connectivity will increase the region’s attractiveness to foreign investors.

Governments around the world have realized the importance of high speed connectivity in attracting foreign investment and are taking steps to address this. The GBI network positions the region favorably when it comes to competing for inward investment. It is not only business that will reap the benefits from the powerful partnership between IT and high speed connectivity. Consumers are also changing their habits, utilizing on-line information to be better informed, source products and services. The GBI cable system ensures that the Gulf has the right connectivity to be heard and is an active participant in global conversations.