GBI's Strategic Advisors
GBI is working with the following leading world-class industry players.


a leading global accountancy practice is appointed as GBI’s auditors.




is one of the world’s foremost consultancy firms. GBI has appointed PwC as GBI’s strategic advisor for financiaI and quality management systems. In addition PwC will advise on HR and Administration.



British Telecom, BT,

is recognised as one of the world’s most reputable telecom operators. GBI has appointed BT as a principal consultant. BT has led on GBI's original business model development and is playing the role of GBI’s independent engineer.


David Ross Group,

is a well known consulting group of global telecom experts, with specialized capabilities to aid owners of new or existing networks. DRG specializes in comprehensive network solutions, with special focus on international subsea networks. GBI has appointed DRG to oversee the project management.









Xtera Communications,

specialises in network infrastructure that delivers the highest capacity, reach and density. GBI has appointed Xtera to deliver our 100G network - making it one of the fastest and most advanced networks in that world.


TE Subcom (Tyco),

is an industry pioneer in undersea communications technology. TE Subcom is responsible for the design, manufacturing, permitting, deployment, and testing of GBI’s undersea cable network. In this TE Subcom will be supported by E-Marine.