Established in 2008, GBI’s mission was to connect the Arabian Gulf countries and to meet the growing demand for capacity providing onward connectivity to the rest of the world over its subsea and terrestrial cable systems.

Along with our team, our network is our greatest asset. Ranked among the top five IP providers in the Gulf, our managed services and smart network directly connects our customers and partners into a global connectivity ecosystem that further contributes to their growth. GBI operates a multilayer, carrier-neutral network that provides direct reach to most countries in the Middle East, extending connectivity Westward into Europe and East towards India and the Asia Pacific.

Who We Are

Our protected Gulf ring is extends to the East connecting into Mumbai and Singapore. Egypt is connected on the West, via two landing points with diverse terrestrial routes into the Mediterranean avoiding problematic areas prone to cable cuts. Crossing the Mediterranean to Italy and the major European cities.

Route diversity was established via a North Route. This route links from the Gulf to Europe via Iraq and Turkey providing an ultra-low latency link from the heart of the Gulf into Europe.

What We Do

GBI is a carrier of choice for telecom operators, ISPs and governments throughout the Middle East, Europe and Asia offering capacity and a portfolio of wholesale and enterprise services. GBI’s value propositions and diverse offerings serve as a catalyst to growth, innovation and contribute to the economic development within the region and beyond.

In 2016, GBI won five industry awards for Best Submarine Cable Operator, Best Middle Eastern Wholesale Carrier – Data, Telecoms Company of the year – Qatar, Most Innovative Company – Qatar and an Innovation Award for Network Infrastructure – UK.